Hi, I'm Luke. I am a Sydney based Radio Producer and host, Videographer and Photographer. I record, film, produce, photograph and edit on a wide range of topics - from people, places and everything in between. I am currently Co-hosting and Producing The "Wednesday Drive" program at Eastside radio and have begun my own podcast titled "a conversation with..." 

Every person has an experience, and every person's experience deserves to be told. That's where I come in. I believe there is a story waiting to be told at the heart of everything, and I want to help to tell it. 

After graduating a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Media Arts and Production at UTS, I worked as an intern for 4 Months in the ABC’s LIFE department. Our projects included the Web Television series The Critics as well as other freelance projects including covering Timeboy’s audio visual collaboration With Hiatus kaiyote  at Vivid 2016.

I have also showcased my Documentary work in the feature Mini documentary titled MERCY. Mercy depicts a rare insight into the BDSM community and unspoken truths about the adult entertainment industry in Sydney.

Further work I have done includes Music videos like Girl and Wondering boy for Sydney based artist Brendon Moon as well as coverage of the Reclaim the streets protests for the online music magazine Stoney Roads.

While my passion lies in the art of visual creativity, I am very interested by domestic politics, philosophy and issues of social justice. These interests provide an important framework for the work that I do.

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E- lukey.dobrovic@gmail.com

T- +61411269084

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